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June 5, 2019

Red Hunting Hood for DorkKnightz

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Thank you to all the CRew for a fun Wednesday stream! We got over that hump together! The stream started off with a killer Red Riding Hood Ink and Color upgrades segment, then had an awesome fan gift interlude made my week, and finally we finished off the stream with some solid drawing request action! We even unlocked an additional Last Drawing of The Stream!

A big thank you goes out to Trayde for the amazing art gift - an original Leonardo sketch by Kevin Eastman !!!!! - I will find a proper frame to protect it and find a prominent place on my ewWALL. Also thank you Trayde for the very kind letter. Your supporting me, my drawing dream and Kiwii and I's livelihood... it is only fair to return that favor by helping you with your writing and creator efforts along the way. Win win!

Thank you to everyone for the overwhelming kind words, hype and encouragement! Back tomorrow 1pmET to do it again! Till then I'll be cranking on sketching/ signing and packing book orders to get them out post haste!!

Here are a few other peeks at some favorites from today! See you tomorrow, only on twitch.tv/eryckwebb 

Dino Biker - Finished Cols for Slayer

Funeral scene from a story for Trayde

Home from Work - Stompin Zombies - for MrHunting

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