EW Traditional Art: Prime Warmup 02.06.2020

February 6, 2020

#drawing #ink #brush #marker #pen #optimus #prime #transformers #robots #cardstock

Took some time this morning, to start my day with a little traditional warmup action. I broke out a sheet of cardstock and ended up drawing this guy. I always enjoy spending time at my traditional desk with my paints, markers, pens, ink, clay, pencils, erasers, and whatever else I can get into. 

I lightly sketched the main shapes in pencil, then i finished and added details as I inked it with my Pentel Fude Brush pen. Hatched in some details and textures and tones with a ballpoint pen as I like to do. Finally used some marker in places and some white paint marker in other places. 

Pretty happy with this portrayal, I like his proportions in this. Not quite full size note quite chibi. And his big iconic gun mounted on his back. 

This was just something I did for me to get the creative sauce flowing and warmup to start my day of creative work, but I thought I'd toss it up in the shop if anybody is interested in buying it. It would just sit in my folder of traditional art otherwise. 

There's only one, as its a traditional original. 

It will be wrapped in protective plastic wrap and shipped in a study ridgid cardboard envelope to anywhere in the world. 

Thank you for the support!! Onto the client work!

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