Finished 5th sketchbook from 2019

February 5, 2020

The last page drawing of my 5th sketchbook from 2019. The pages after were where I stuck stickers from stream friends and fans I've gotten over the last year. I went about a month over but my 5th sketchbook that i started in December 2019 is now  filled front and back of each page is all filled up. i look forward to starting the first new one of 2020

This is a personal record for the number of sketchbooks I've completely filled in one year. Usually I only fill 1 or 2 a year. Top left was the first, started in 2018 a month or so before 2019. The 2nd sketchbook is on its right, the 3rd next, then the 4th on bottom left, and number 5 on the bottom right. 

I plan on doing a sketchbook flip through video in the next week on the EWG YouTube channel in the next week! Till then thanks for looking, and keep drawing!

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