Inhouse art: EWG Hot Rod Black and White

February 5, 2020

#hotrod #ratrod #lowrider #car #vehicle #inkscape #wacom 

Thanks for a super fun Wednesday stream! I took a few to ink this personal piece for warm up, then we slayed a ton of requests. I'll be working hard for clients and supporters on commissions all day tomorrow, but I'll see the CRew back Friday for more! Goodnight!

This 'EWG HotRod' was sketched on samsung galaxy book 12 in sketchbook pro, and then inked today in Inkscape with my Wacom Intuos Pro over the course of about an hour or so. My goal and vision for this was a black and white image playing off of negative spaces and black areas so I do not believe I will add colors at anytime. I may go back in refine/ add to the inking more at some point, but for now this is the finished piece.

See the original sketch here

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