Personalizing my new 2020 sketchbook

February 9, 2020

My first new sketchbook of 2020, ive drawn it it a few pages already but decorated the cover today and sealing the sharpie art with midge podge. Then I can continue to draw over it or color it with markers or what not without smearing the Sharpe draws... Letting this dry whilst messing with Inkscape 1.0  and straightening up the mill today... Its fun personalizing my sketchbooks!

Later same day, I added more colors with alcohol markers and white paint pen to the previous modge podge coating once it dried clear. then sealed it again with another coat of modge podge. Once this dries and turns clear it will be all done and I will resume my drawing an journaling an full this sketchbook up!

1/14/2020 Update

Here's a look at the finished sketchbook! The modge podge dries to a nice clear protective coating and the colors show through vibrant and rich! Even thought its not the 'outdoor' modge podge, it still protects the cover, the art and repels most substances that might smudge or smear it or mess it up! Thanks for looking!

Speaking of Sketchbooks, I've got my first full fledged Sketchbook tour, of not one but the five sketchbooks I filled in 2019! Check out the video on ewYOUTUBE at this link! 

How do yo personalize YOUR sketchbooks? I would love to see! Share yours in the comments below!

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