May Take Some Time Off: Migraine Issues

April 28, 2020

#migraine #headache #vice #clamp #pressure

Had a migraine start overnight sunday night and got through a 6 hour stream working on upgrades Monday. Monday evening it continued and got worse and nothing I did monday night helped. I've dealt with headaches my whole life so I know all the usual to try. Heat pads, meds, potassium, stretching, sinus medicine, hot sauce, spicey salsa all the things. Couldn't go to sleep Monday night cause of the discomfort and pain and then finaly did with a heat pad for soothing it, and it seemed to ease off over night but was still generally there. Still there all this morning and during stream. 

I tried to push through and ignore it and get on with my stream but I had to call it just before we hit 3 hours. I think if its still there tomorrow I'm just going to cancel stream, continue to nap, rest, and take pain meds/ heat pad and etc etc. When I get a headache like this it sticks around a couple days. Allergy medicine hasnt worked, tylenol hasnt worked, heat pads soothe but dont help, hot shower didnt really do anything but soothe. Just gotta wait it out, keep drinking water.

All art sent, from today. Thanks for some awesome requests. Thank you to GrumpyBeard for bringing 400 viewers over. It was the first time I can say since I've been streaming I had a stead 100 or so average viewers the whole time. Thank you to Nessquik for the massive gift subs! Thank you to everyone who donated/ tipped, subbed and supported! Thank you to all the new followers hope youll come back when I'm streaming and drawing properly again and let me draw for you!

So stay tuned but please expect a cancelation for the next day or two till this headache is gone. I know theres typos and bad grammar in this post. I don't care right now LOL. Off to get a heat pad and lay in bed for the rest of the day.

Thank you all hope to be back soon!

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