Update: Best of Request Volume 4

April 28, 2020

#drawing #book #production #update #inhouse 

Got some solid work done on Best of Request Volume 4 this morning! Rounding the final corner on finishing it! 2019 was an awesome year. This book is my largest yet with 300 pages of edge to edge artwork outside the intro and outro pages. Its the first volume with almost all 'ink sketch style' works in all their drippy, grungy, drawing sauce goodness. This book is my best yet, its high contrast, all content, nothing in it that shouldn't be there, and lots of new content not found in previous volumes. The art book is built, layouts are done, next is a final pass or two to refine the layout and a few more drafts of the written material! Then its time to design/ create the cover! I may stream the creation of the cover in the next week or so! Look for Best of Request Volume 4 to be launched in digital release format in May! 

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