Twitch Streaming Schedule Week of 04/13/2020

April 12, 2020

#drawing #streaming #schedule #update

Stream schedule update for the week of 04/13/2020! Also starting this week all Upgrade orders are now closed! If somebody misses this announcement or ignores it, they will be given the offer to have it refunded after stream or put it in their request bank towards something else in the future!

I'll be finishing two upgrades on stream per stream with drawing requests via the request list drawn around the upgrades. Giveaways will unlock more drawing requests between upgrade production!

Upgrades will most likely open again some point down the road when the upgrade orders are caught up again!

To allow for the extra time for the Upgrades and to still get some drawing requests in the streams will be longer! Going till closer to 4pm instead of 2! 

Thanks and be sure to follow me on any Twitter, Discord, or other social platforms to be notified when I go live. Also it helps to follow the Twitch channel and enable notifications! 

See you guys live, only at for all the drawing action! 

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