Easing Into The Work Week With Some Mental/ Creative Block

May 11, 2020

Loosening up getting back in the flow with 30 second prompt and poses

Trying to draw a cartoon of a beaver my sister took a photo of

Doing studyies/ practicing with hanabarbera and looney tunes characters

Continuing to work through my low mental health/ art block I'm dealing with the past few days. Updating the master list this afternoon and continuing to keep my head down and work through things. Ill be live tomorrow 10amEDT till 2 or so working on upgrades. Hopefully return to drawing requests Wednesday! See the CRew then!! Thanks 4 all your support and understanding today during an impromptu practice stream where I drew and drilled the drawings above in an effort to break through the wall!

twitch.tv/eryckwebb -- see you there and then!!

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