Inkscape 1.0 Full Rlease - Test Run Results

May 9, 2020

So as a regular @inkscape user and enthusiast ( OK its my favorite program to draw in period... ) I thought I'd try the 1.0 released this month. The beta did not work well for me so I had hopes about the official release. Here's some immediate bugs I ran into:

Drawing with my wacom tablet with pressure sensitivity with the calligraphic brush feels sluggish even with mass turned all the way down.

I use inkscape with the layers palette and color palette on the right side but they are too big and i can't reduce their size in 1.0.

When i draw circles or curves with the calligraphic brush on my wacom tablet every couple of lines will not be smooth they will render polygonal.

I had 1.0 freeze up on my completely for no reason while just sketching over the course of 10 minutes or so.

Some of these are purely using the software while the others inhibits me drawing the way I expect to be able to.

All in all i see a lot of potential. still plenty of bugs to work out it looks like. i'll revert to a more stable version like 0.92.4 for now. but love where things are heading. look forward to a more stable 1.0.2 or .3 or something!

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