Week End Recap: Stream Week Of 5/8

May 8, 2020

Skelly Bikin' warmup drawing
Bearded Bullet Firin A Gun request

Bump On A Log request for myself

Ninja Action Last Drawing of Stream request 

Thanks to all the CRew for all the subscriptions, drawing requests, donations, bits and the slew of new faces and followers this week! Thanks for enjoying what I love to do for a living and I look forward to doing more this coming week. We might even work in some personal art or so. 
Over the weekend I want to make sure the masterlist is all updated, considering its still not updated since Tuesday! I have all the notes they have just not been organized/ updated/ placed in the masterlist. You could say they're sitting in a heap on the list, unfiled and unorganized. So I want to get that in shape by Monday. I'm also thinking of a slightly different schedule for next week, and I'll post / announce that by the end of the weekend. I want to get new emotes done over the weekend as well! Time for a 2020 update! 
New emote design concepts

We looked at the concept sketches above on stream today. Overall reception was really good, but there was some consensus on keeping the current fist with stylus, and keeping the current RIP tombstone over the sideways 'dead' looking emote. The hype and joy are too similar as pointed out by my wife and the rage doesn't really fit, we don't really rage on this channel, but it would be a good 'badass' with some tweaking. Another suggestion I might take to heart is make them specifically have the bottom look like my bucket hat. So I want to make finished versions of the faces, leave the heart, fist, and RIP as they currently are. I think I'll make one a dancing hat as well. There's also new slots unlockable with bits that I want to make emotes for. So this might be a fun project on Saturday etc.

Thanks for a great week, and all the support. Even with a personal mental break on Thursday I feel like it was a solid week, with a focus on Drawing Request Show 100% on stream, and upgrades getting knocked out a little each day off stream.

I'm happy to say as of this post, upgrades are crossing the 50 orders mark for the first time in years. When I closed Upgrades it was in the 90s, now we're headed into the 40s ( past the half way mark). Thank you for the support I've received, and the understanding in getting these done. These will be a massive weight and distraction off my plate. The evolution caused by closing upgrades, and it manifesting for those who still needed upgrades, into whats now called 'Ink Requests' and 'Color Requests' is pretty awesome. This may be the way going forward. 

Heres to an evolved, refined, and streamlined Drawing Request Show and to more drawing action next week!

Thank you for all the support, thank you for all the encouragement and for enjoying my drawings! All art from today sent, see you guys next week!

Stay safe, see you soon!

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