I am now 100% finished with my backlog of Upgrades!

July 8, 2020

#drawing #inking #coloring #Inkscape #photoshop #mushroom #gnome #troll #bridge

The sun sets on the last upgrade orders, but a new dawn is on the horizon. When the Upgrades were closed in April, we had 90+ orders on the list. Here on July 8th, 2020, we have finished the final two! So I averaged about 30 upgrades a month, and got them done in about 3 months! 

I'm going to get all art sent/ caught up tomorrow along with other to-dos. But will not be worrying about Upgrades!! I'll also get the master-list organized, ready to go for future streams. I am currently enjoying requests being on hiatus, and not sure I'm ready to open them back up again. I will be streaming again after a day off tomorrow. I don't know what we'll do Friday or next week but we'll do something! 
Thank you to Nessie and Hamiltoons and Bearded bullets for the massive tips today! Thank you Carson DrewIt for sharing your community with me! Thanks for all the follows and subs! 
Thank you to the CRew for everything, have a good night and see you soon!

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