4K Follows Piece - WIP Inks

January 23, 2023


Thanks for a fun/ different kind of stream today. Finally pulled this off the shelf after hitting 4K beginning of Fall 2022, and doing a 4K celebration piece/ stream. We got pretty far today! Thanks for joining me on this unusual stream , I think its coming out good. We'll continue with 'part 3' on Friday and see if we can get to start flat coloring. Going to go get some food and rest and see you for some Drawing Requests tomorrow 10amET. I'm going to keep them 5min requests, 1 at a time per person before cooldown. Even toying with just raffling to pick people all day. I dunno... come out tomorrow, snag the first drawing of the stream and find out! See ya then. 
#prostreamer #collage #avatar #community #customers #clients #followers #subscribers #chibi #cartoon #characters #drawing #inkscape #inks 

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