The Chatless One - Process Walkthrough

January 30, 2023


Character designed, drawn from the top of my head, based on an avatar I had previously created, but it was only a headshot, for Twitch supporter and client 'ChatlessOne'. This expands on the idea, creating the whole cloaked / poncho look, and for fun some oversized sneakers and a samurai sword ( why not ). And he's been holding on to the Streamboss position on my stream pretty solid for a while, so a little aural crown above seemed fitting. I used inkscape for this drawing, the gray tones, the texture pattern ( everything.) Drawn in about 15 minutes
I was killing time in the waiting room during the wife's medical appointment this last week, and liked this character a lot. So I decided to ink it. I used a custom 'G Pen' brush in Clip Studio Paint on my Samsung Galaxy Book 12 with an Spen and inked up the Chatless One. 
Then after it was all inked up, I used CSP to color it as well. I designed his color based on somebody mentioning 'yellow poncho raincoats' and then thought some red would look good with it. I wanted to simulate high-top basketball style shoes with the red and white. Some understated metal gray for the sword and buttons on the shoes to finish it off. I kept the shading a bit different than my usual as well. I left most of the power of the colors to the tones I chose and their overall color balancing. The shading was kept minimal and there are no hard highlights. Some coloring on the lineart finished it off. 

Thanks for looking, and reading this process breakdown. 

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