Sheriff Tex Hot Pepper - Commission

March 31, 2023

#drawing #sheriff #wildwest #western #cowboy #marshall #law #lawman #horse #lookout #patrol #inkscape #clipstudiopro #illustration #west

This commission - a sheriff pepper from Texas - is all wrapped up! I enjoyed trying some new effects with the colors on this one. I'm pretty happy with the gritty heavy black and white inks on this piece as well. This kind of dusk lighting lent itself to be pretty bold on its own, with only a few hard highlights here and there to pop off some edges. The end result is a pretty satisfying silhouette effect. There is something powerful too about a big dramatic sky with clouds in the background negative space. Works well! 

Hope you all have a great Friday, get lots done! Do it to it where you are, try to do what you are doing, the best that you can. Try to find new ways to enjoy it and get excited about rocking it. No matter where you are right now, no matter what it is that you do. Whatever it is, nobody can do it like you can. So do it to it! That's what I try to do. Even if I'm not successful every time. You just keep trying.

End your week on a high note, and I'll do the same. Have a great weekend and see you next week for more!

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