Finally Fixed What Felt Off in Inkscape 0.92.5 Since Recent Fresh Install

March 27, 2023


Finally got Inkscape freehand drawing feel back where I like it. I have been dealing with it/ trying to figure out why it felt off the past few weeks since I did a fresh install of 0.92.5. 

Today I did some more digging and finally found a checkbox in the calligraphy tool settings called 'width is in absolute units' ... I unchecked that sucker and BAM, behaves the way I like again. Game changer. 

Drew this cute little duck hiking uphill to enjoy the fixed feel and drawing experience. Focusing on practicing today, getting the Wacom Intuos Tablet screen mapping just right, and the feel of drawing in Inkscape just right for another week of drawing requests and commissions! Think its finally feeling right!

#drawing in #inkscape of a #cute #duck #hiking #hiker #backpack #walkingstick with my #intuospro

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