EWG Weekly Slot Commissions Return

September 20, 2014

Daily slot commissions return, one a day five days a week. Right now thats your best bet for getting some fantasticly robust commission character art in about a week's time for a little less than normal listing price. I've got several clients with ongoing work keeping me busy and space for new commissions is limited. But all offers are always considered so feel free to email me with your proposed commission today!
The listing for available slots each week will be displayed and updated on the EWG Deviant Art page journal, and only 5 are available each week, with 5 new available over the weekend for the next week. Please wait for new slots to open to purchase at the off chance that there will be none offered the following week. But for now, the intention is to open 5 and fill 5 each week! Thank you for your interest and I hope those who are interested in acquiring this sort of thing from me will jump on it! For those looking for a background, more than one character in a single picture, and character design, you'll have to commission me for a regular priced order!
 Thundercracker  - Commission by EryckWebbGraphics   Emma Frost - White Queen - Commission by EryckWebbGraphics  Terrific Girl - Vday Commission by EryckWebbGraphics 

Check out the list of slots available before purchasing. http://eryckwebbgraphics.deviantart.com/

These slots are for one character, no background, inked sketch with full color.

IF ONE IS AVAILABLE, paypal 32.00 to EWG and email EWG with one solid pic of reference. Pieced together pictures and text descriptions will be returned and the slot made available to be reclaimed. Heavy-detailed characters will be stylized/ simplified. There is no proof except for if you absolutely need a change at the end. These are one-off convention style whatever comes to mind to portray them in an exciting and accurate way.

Thank you for your interest!

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