Daily Discipline: Cubbi Gummi

January 17, 2017

#gummibears #cartoon #disney #knight #gummi #warmup #sketch #inkscape #practice #drawing

A 20 minute warmup this morning, of the first of a series of Gummi Bears themed warmups this morning! Drew the youngest, aspiring knight, Cubbi Gummi! I approached it as a chibi and sort of melded my chibi style with the disney character design and this came out! It actualy was a good tricky exercise even though it seems like it might be simple. Stretched out the brain and drawin muscle good! More to come over the course of the week.

Inkscape about 20minutes, while listening to Sepultura's new album Machine Messiah. Its like my 5th listen through- its just a real treat for the ears all the way through. Something for everyone, lots of energy and artistry in the instrumentation and such. Good lyrics too. Anywho! Not most peoples first choice for listening to while drawing Gummi Bears but... hey... why not? LoL.

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